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"Music is a dialogue with the world. It is the sure way many if not all living things can express themselves. We know that at the most fundamental level the universe is composed of vibrations. But it is music that allows the universe to listen to itself and ultimately discover its innermost being."

Sam Ben-Meir is a multi-faceted instrumentalist and composer. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Sam started playing the violin at 5 years of age. At 7 years, Sam and his family moved to New York where he continued to immerse himself in music, including learning to play the piano, double-bass and guitar. Sam later studied jazz at the University of Miami, and performed regularly at local venues.

In 2006, Sam returned to New York City to play restaurants and clubs while earning a PhD degree in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research. Throughout his career, Sam has worked with numerous noted and legendary musical talents. Sam currently lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side where he passionately pursues his love of music as a singer, songwriter and composer.


Sam Ben-Meir's music is available from ORG Music